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Experienced Divorce Attorney & Mediator in Atlantic and Cape May Counties, NJ

Find an amicable resolution to divorce and custody issues when you call upon the Law & Mediation Offices of Kathleen M. Vella Esquire in Atlantic and Cape May Counties, New Jersey. In practice since 1986, Kathleen is a divorce attorney specialized in family law, as well as a divorce mediator accredited by the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators.

Fair & Reasonable Advocacy

When she works as the attorney for an individual in a divorce, Kathleen is a fair, reasonable, and effective advocate on behalf of her client. When she works as a mediator, Kathleen assists a divorcing couple reach a fair settlement based upon their needs and desires for their family.

Kathleen has been an attorney for almost 30 years, and she has been a mediator for about 20 of those years. As an attorney, Kathleen advances her client's position in a fair and reasonable manner. Her focus is on settlement, but if a settlement is not possible, she is able to proceed to trial as an aggressive advocate. As a mediator, she assists a couple in resolving their matrimonial issues so that each feels they have been heard and treated fairly. Mediation is the least emotionally draining and most cost-effective route for any divorcing couple, especially for those who have children. Many attorneys are now seeing the benefits of mediation and have recently been trained in the field. However, in the Atlantic and Cape May County area, Kathleen's extensive experience and abilities as a mediator far exceed her peers.
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Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is an active process in which the mediator helps you to identify all the issues that need to be covered in your separation agreement. Your mediator will help you determine what it costs to live apart and, using that information together with the current income, help you determine the amount and duration of support. Kathleen will show you how the state child support guidelines apply to your situation. She will help you identify all of your material assets, figure out their value, and help you to divide them fairly. She will also help you make all of the future parenting decisions. Mediation is conducted so that there should be no losers—one spouse should not win at the expense of the other.

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