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Divorce Mediation

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Divorce mediation is an active process in which the mediator acts as a facilitator who assists you and your spouse identify and resolve all of the issues in your divorce. The mediator does not act as a judge imposing a decision on you. Instead, you and your spouse control the ultimate outcome and must agree to terms of settlement in a mediation. Most importantly, the process is completely voluntary, both you and your spouse must want to participate. Unlike divorce litigation, either of may choose to not continue with mediation at any time.

A Cooperative, Affordable Alternative to Divorce Litigation

Divorce mediation can be the most cost-effective way for couples to dissolve their marriage. For many clients, the best reason for choosing mediation will be the cost. Mediation will almost always be less expensive than litigation. While both mediation and litigation can involve experts, such as accountants and real estate appraisers, there is only one mediator, as opposed to two attorneys or more were the parties are to appear in court. However, the greatest advantage in mediation is the ability of both spouses to work cooperatively and reach fair compromises. Remember that mediation is concerned with both parties working together, and doing so can dramatically decrease the billable time owed. The cost of divorce mediation is generally 40% - 60% lower than divorce litigation.

A Non-Adversarial Process

Divorce mediation is a non-adversarial process helping people negotiate directly and dissolve marriages once the decision to divorce or separate is made. We provide you with the opportunity to negotiate mutually beneficial terms in total privacy. Divorce mediation helps identify key issues concerning the division of personal and real property, support, parenting, and plans for the future. It helps eliminate the painful win-lose atmosphere that is part of all adversarial divorces. The process is a mutual search for a reasonable solution; neither partner can win at the other's expense. Resolutions must emerge from the process with a settlement created and accepted by both. Mediation can also deal with specific limited issues such as times of access, what to do with the house, or other issues specified by you at the start.

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